Our Mission



When challenged about what the greatest commandment was, Jesus responded by saying that two of the commandments sum up all of God's law. The first is to love God. The second is to love our neighbor.

We aim to be a church that genuinely loves God and people through word and deed.


The great commission is all about making disciples. You can think of a disciple as a committed student or learner. If you truly love someone, you spend time getting to know and learning about that person.

We believe it is vital for every believer to continue learning and getting to know God. None of us have arrived at perfection. We're all still learning how to be children of God.


We may not all be natural born leaders, and we may not all lead in the same capacity, but as believers, we are all called to lead others to Christ.

We want to see leaders trained, equipped, and empowered to lead effectively and advance the Kingdom of Heaven.